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Take a two mile walk every morning. Harry Truman
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With hundreds of walking trails in South Australia, there's little wonder that walking is such a popular activity. Whether you're looking for fun and excitement, or a new challenge, walking is sure to please. It's also a great way to learn about the environment and a good way to spend time with family and friend. And it's an ideal form of exercise.

If you're planning a visit to South Australia, walking is one of the best ways to explore the State and to experience our native wildlife, birdlife and flora. Many of the State's walking trails are in national parks and regional areas, passing vineyards, historic towns and areas of stunning natural beauty. A Guide to Better Bushwalking, available from Bushwalking Leadership SA Inc, is a useful resource when planning your trip.

Whether it's a relaxed one-hour stroll or a five-day trekking adventure, South Australia has a trail for you. There's the 1,500 kilometre Heysen Trail, named after famous artist, Sir Hans Heysen, the River Torrens Linear Park, that runs through the city itself, and the Mount Lofty Walks - just 20 minutes drive from the Adelaide CBD. There are walks in national and conservation parks, heritage walks, forest walks and coastal walks - definitely something for everyone.

To find the right walk for you, visit our search function and enter as much information as possible.

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Show trails for:

Acacia Ridge Hike
Airstrip Walk
Aldinga Scrub CP - The Coral Lichen Hike
Altona CSR Landcare Reserve
American River - Fish Cannery Walking Trail
Anstey Hill RP - Boehm Walk
Anstey Hill RP - Boundary Walk
Anstey Hill RP - Ellis Way Walk
Anstey Hill RP - Kaurna Way
Anstey Hill RP - Newman's Nursery Ruins Walk
Anstey Hill RP - Ridge Top Walk
Anstey Hill RP - Rosella Walk
Anstey Hill RP - Silver Mine Track
Anstey Hill RP - Torture Hill Track
Anstey Hill RP - Water Gully Track
Anstey Hill RP - Wildflower Walk
Babbler Camp North Walk
Babbler Camp South Walk
Banrock Station Boardwalk Trail
Bararranna Hike
Barossa Bushgardens
Baudin CP - Ironstone Hill Hike
Beachport CP - Jack & Hilda McArthur Hike
Belair NP - Lorikeet Loop Hike
Belair NP - Microcarpa Hike
Belair NP - Valley Loop Walk
Belair NP - Waterfall Hike
Belair NP - Wood Duck Walk
Beliefs, Attitudes & Customs
Beltana State Heritage Area Walk
Beyeria CP - Beyeria Walk
Big Sand Dune Walk
Black Oak Swamp Walk
Black Swamp Walk
Blinman Pools Walk
Bluebush Walk
Bool Lagoon GR - Gunawar Walk
Bool Lagoon GR - Tea-Tree Boardwalk
Botanic Gardens Walks
Botanic Walk
Broggy's Hole Walk
Bundaleer Forest Conservator's Walk
Bundaleer Forest Maple Walk
Bundaleer Forest Scenic Walk
Bundaleer Forest Sculpture Trail
Burra Heritage Trail
Butcher Gap CP - Butcher Gap Hike
Canunda NP - Cape Buffon Walk
Canunda NP - Coola Outstation Historical Hike
Canunda NP - Seaview Hike
Canunda NP - Willichum Lookout Walk
Cape Gantheaume CP - Bald Hill Walk
Cape Gantheaume CP - Curley Creek Hike
Cape Gantheaume CP - Tadpole Cove Walk
Cape Gantheaume CP - Timber Creek Walk
Chowilla GR - Border Cliffs Customs House Wetland Walk
Clayton Bay Foreshore Walking Trail
Cleland CP - Eagle on the Hill to Waterfall Gully Hike
Cleland CP - Long Ridge Hike
Cleland CP - Waterfall Gully To Mount Lofty Hike
Coast to Vines Rail Trail
Cobbler Creek RP - Babbler Hike
Cobbler Creek RP - Porosa Hike
Coffin Bay NP - Black Rocks Hike
Coffin Bay NP - Black Springs Well Hike
Coffin Bay NP - Long Beach Hike
Coffin Bay NP - Yangie Bay Hike
Coffin Bay NP - Yangie Island Hike
Coorong CP - Jacks Point Pelican Observatory Walk
Coorong NP - Barkers Knoll Hike
Coorong NP - Cattle Point Hike
Coorong NP - Godfrey's Landing Walk
Coorong NP - Journey to Gold Walk
Coorong NP - Lakes Nature Walk
Coorong NP - Nakun Kungun Trek
Coorong NP - Ngrugie Ngoppun Hike
Cox Scrub CP - First Circuit Hike
Cox Scrub CP - Second Hike
Currency Creek Waterfall Trail
Danggali CP - Target Mark Hike
Deep Creek CP - Boat Harbor Circuit Hike
Deep Creek CP - Aaron Creek Circuit Hike
Deep Creek CP - Aaron Creek Hike
Deep Creek CP - Blowhole Beach - Cobbler Hill Marrano Creek Hike
Deep Creek CP - Blowhole Beach Hike
Deep Creek CP - Circuit Hike
Deep Creek CP - Deep Creek Cove Hike (from Tapanappa Lookout)
Deep Creek CP - Deep Creek Cove Hike (from Trig Picnic Area)
Deep Creek CP - Deep Creek Waterfall Hike (from Tapanappa Lookout)
Deep Creek CP - Deep Creek Waterfall Hike (from Tent Rock Road)
Deep Creek CP - Forest Circuit Walk
Deep Creek CP - Goondooloo Ridge Walk
Deep Creek CP - Heysen Trail
Deep Creek CP - Spring Wildflower Walk
Deep Creek CP - Stringybark Loop Walk
Devil's Peak Walking Trail
Dingely Dell CP - Poets Walk
Encounter Bikeway
Encounter Coastal Trail
Ferries McDonald CP - Ferries McDonald Hike
Finnis CP - Heysen Trail
Fitzgerald Bay Walking Trail
Flinders Chase NP - Admirals Arch Walk
Flinders Chase NP - Cape du Couedic Hike
Flinders Chase NP - Discovery Walk
Flinders Chase NP - Lighthouse Heritage Walk
Flinders Chase NP - Platypus Waterholes Walk
Flinders Chase NP - Remarkable Rocks Walk
Flinders Chase NP - Rocky River Hike
Flinders Chase NP - Sandy Creek Hike
Flinders Chase NP - Snake Lagoon Hike
Flinders Chase NP - Weirs Cove Hike
Flinders Ranges NP - Arkaroo Rock Hike
Flinders Ranges NP - Aroona to Youngoona Hike
Flinders Ranges NP - Bridle Gap Hike
Flinders Ranges NP - Bunyeroo & Wilcolo Creeks Hike
Flinders Ranges NP - Bunyeroo Gorge Hike
Flinders Ranges NP - Drought Busters Hike
Flinders Ranges NP - Hayward’s Hut Hike
Flinders Ranges NP - Heysen Trail - Hawker to Parachilna Trek
Flinders Ranges NP - Heysen Trail - Yanyanna to Trezona Hike
Flinders Ranges NP - Hills Homestead Walk
Flinders Ranges NP - Malloga Falls Hike
Flinders Ranges NP - Mt Ohlssen Bagge Hike
Flinders Ranges NP - Redhill Lookout Hike
Flinders Ranges NP - Sacred Canyon Walk
Flinders Ranges NP - St Mary Peak Trek
Flinders Ranges NP - Trezona Hike
Flinders Ranges NP - Wangarra Lookout
Flinders Ranges NP - Wilkawillina Hike
Flinders Ranges NP - Wilpena Pound Solar Station Lookout
Flinders Ranges NP - Yuluna Hike
Freycinet Trail
Gluepot Reserve
Goolwa State Heritage Area Walk
Granite Island RP - Kaiki Walk
Grasswren Walk
Greenwise Recreational Lake Walk
Gypsum Lunette Walk
Hahndorf State Heritage Area Walk
Hale CP - Hale Bush Walk
Hallett Cove CP - Glacier Hike
Hayward's Hut Bushwalks
Heritage Highlights Interpretive Trail
Heysen Trail
Independence Trail
Inman Valley/Second Valley Forest Walk
Innes NP - Browns Beach to Gym Beach Hike
Innes NP - Cape Spencer Walk
Innes NP - Inneston Historic Walk
Innes NP - Royston Head Hike
Innes NP - Stenhouse Bay Lookout Trail
Innes NP - Thomson-Pfitzner Plaster Hike
Investigator Strait Maritime Heritage Trail
Kaiser Stuhl CP - Stringy Bark Hike
Kaki Walk
Karte CP - Karte Youth Hike
Kelly Hill CP - Burgess Hike (May Walk)
Kelly Hill CP - Hanson Bay Hike
Kersbrook Horse Trail
Kidman Trail
Kuitpo Forest Chookarloo Trail
Kuitpo Forest Eucalypts Trail
Kuitpo Forest Onkeeta Trail
Kuitpo Forest Tinjella Trail
Kuitpo Forest Trail
Kyeema CP - Heysen Trail Hike
Kyeema CP - Mulurus Hike
Kyeema CP - Myrtaceae Hike
Lavender Federation Trail Murray Bridge
Lincoln NP - Investigator Trail
Lincoln NP - Investigator Trail, Cape Donington to September Beach Walk
Lincoln NP - Investigator Trail, Carcase Rock to McLaren Point Walk
Lincoln NP - Investigator Trail, Fisherman's Point to Cape Donington Walk
Lincoln NP - Investigator Trail, McLaren Point to Taylor's Landing Walk
Lincoln NP - Investigator Trail, Northern Park Entrance to Pillie Lake Walk
Lincoln NP - Investigator Trail, Pillie Lake to Stamford Hill
Lincoln NP - Investigator Trail, Pillie Lake to Wanna Dunes Hike
Lincoln NP - Investigator Trail, September Beach to Carcase Rock Walk
Lincoln NP - Investigator Trail, Sleaford Mere to Northern Park Entrance
Lincoln NP - Investigator Trail, Spalding Cove to Fisherman's Point Hike
Lincoln NP - Investigator Trail, Stamford Beach to Surfleet Cove Walk
Lincoln NP - Investigator Trail, Surfleet Cove to Spalding Cove Walk
Lincoln NP - Investigator Trail, Taylor's Landing to Pillie Lake Walk
Lincoln NP - Investigator Trail, Wanna Dunes to Sleaford Mere Walk
Lincoln NP - Stamford Hill Hike
Little Dip CP - Freshwater Lake Hike
Lower Glenelg River CP - Acacia Loop Walk
Macclesfield Historic Walk
Malleefowl Walk
Marino CP - Botanical Hike
Mark Oliphant CP - Waterfall Hike
Mawson - Spriggina Hike
Mawson Trail
Mawson Trail - Adelaide
Mawson Trail - Castambul to Birdwood
Mawson Trail - Clare Valley
Mawson Trail - Wirrabara Forest to Blinman
Minlaton Walking Trail
Mintaro State Heritage Area Walk
Monarto CP - Monarto Hike
Moonta - Museum / Railway Station / Museum
Moonta - Museum / Richmans / Museum
Moonta - Museum / Truers / Museum
Moorook GR - Kaliwira Walk
Morialta CP - First Falls Plateau Hike
Morialta CP - First Falls Valley Walk
Morialta CP - Second Falls Gorge Hike
Morialta CP - Three Falls Grand Hike
Mount Gambier Forest Dry Creek Walking Trail
Mount Lofty Botanic Garden - BankSA Nature Trail
Mt Brown CP - Mt Brown Hike
Mt Crawford Forest Jenkins Nature Walk
Mt Crawford Forest Multi-use Trails
Mt Remarkable NP - Alligator Gorge Hike
Mt Remarkable NP - Alligator Gorge Ring Route Hike
Mt Remarkable NP - Hidden Gorge Hike
Mt Remarkable NP - Mambray Creek to Alligator Gorge Hike
Mt Remarkable NP - Mount Cavern Trek
Mt Remarkable NP - Mt Remarkable Summit Hike
Murray River NP (Katarapko) - Cragg's Hut Walk
Murray River NP (Katarapko) - Kai Kai Nature Walk
Murray River NP (Katarapko) - Ngak Indau Walk
Myponga CP- Heysen Trail Hike
Newland Head Nature Hike
Ngarkat CP - Gosse Hill Hike
Ngarkat CP - Mt Rescue Hike
Ngarkat CP - Mt Shaugh Hike
Ngarkat CP - Pertendi Hike
Ngarkat CP - Scorpion Springs Trek
Ngarkat CP - Tyms Lookout Hike
Normanville Heights to Yankalilla Heights Hike
O'Halloran Hill RP - Bluestone & Biscay Clay Hike
O'Halloran Hill RP - Irongrass Hike
Oil Line Walk
Old Gluepot Heritage Walk
Onkaparinga River NP - Echidna Hike
Onkaparinga River NP - Hardies Scrub Hike
Onkaparinga River NP - Loop Hike
Onkaparinga River NP - Nature Hike
Onkaparinga River NP - Sundews Ridge Hike
Onkaparinga River NP - The Gorge Trek
Onkaparinga River RP - Pingle Farm Trail
Onkaparinga River RP - Wetland Walk
Overland Walking Trail
Oyster Walk Coffin Bay
Paddy’s Hill Walk
Para Wirra RP - Devils Nose Hike
Para Wirra RP - Goldfield's Walk
Para Wirra RP - Hissey Loop Hike
Para Wirra RP - Lizard Rock Nature Hike
Para Wirra RP - Mack Creek Hike
Para Wirra RP - Victoria Hill Hike
Parnkalla Walking Trail
Penola CP - Penola Nature Walk
Penola Forest Arboretum Trail
Piccaninnie Ponds CP - Piccaninnie Ponds Outlet Walk
Pichi Richi Camel Farm Trails
Pioneer Women's Trail
Port Elliot Maritime Heritage Trail
Port Victoria Geology Trail
Port Vincent Walking Trail
Rattler Rail Trail
Ravine des Casoars WPA - Clifftop Hike
Ravine des Casoars WPA - Harveys Return Hike
Ravine des Casoars WPA - Ravine des Casoars Hike
Ravine des Casoars WPA - Return Road Hike
Rawnsley Bluff
Rawnsley Park - Fern Tree Falls
Riesling Trail
River Boat Trail
River Torrens Linear Park
Riverton Trails
Sandy Creek CP - Boundary Hike
Sandy Creek CP - Honeyeater Hike
Sandy Creek CP - Wren Hike
Scott CP - Scott Hike
Scott Creek CP - Almanda Mine Hike
Scott Creek CP - Eys Tunnel/Mineshaft Hike
Scott Creek CP - Mackereth Hike
Scott Creek CP - Stringybark Hike
Scott Creek CP - Wren Hike
Shepherds Hill RP - Wattiparringga Creek Hike
Spring Gully CP - Cascades Walk
Stansbury Coast Trail
Strathalbyn River Walk
Sturt Gorge RP - Cypress Hike
Sturt Gorge RP - Sturt Gorge Trek
Sturt Gorge RP - Warri Parri Hike
Sturt Gorge RP - Witowirra Hike
Surfers Boardwalk to Pondalowie Bay Walk
Surfers Boardwalk to Pondalowie Bay Walk
Talisker CP - Talisker Silver Lead Mine Hike
Tantanoola Caves CP - Tantanoola Caves Walk
Telford Scrub CP - Forest Canopy Walk
Telford Scrub CP - Stringybark Forest Hike
Telowie Gorge CP - Nukunu Hike
Terrapinna Tors Hike
The Dutchmans Stern CP - The Dutchmans Stern Hike
Totness RP - Wetland Hike
Trott Park/Darlington Link Hike
Twidale Top Hike
Vulkathunha - Gammon Ranges NP - Italowie Hike
Vulkathunha - Gammon Ranges NP - Oppaminda - Nudlamutana Hike
Vulkathunha - Gammon Ranges NP - Weetootla Hike
Warren Conservation Park - Tower Jubilee Hike
Waukarie Creek
Western River WPA - Waterfall Creek Hike
Willunga Walk
Wilpena Pound - Rawnsley Bluff
Wirrabara Forest Bluff Climb
Wirrabara Forest Circuit Trail
Wirrabara Forest Mt Ellen Lookout Walk
Wirrabara Forest Old Nursery Walk
Wirrabara Forest Sugargum Lookout Walk
Yulte CP - Heysen Trail Hike
Yurrebilla Trail
Yurrebilla Trail - Belair Railway Station to Eagle on the Hill Hike
Yurrebilla Trail - Eagle on the Hill to Summertown Hike
Yurrebilla Trail - Morialta to River Torrens Hike
Yurrebilla Trail - Norton Summit to Morialta Hike
Yurrebilla Trail - Summertown to Norton Summit Hike

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