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If there's a place, Canoe there - Brent Kelly

Wardang Island lies in Spencer Gulf, west of Yorke Peninsula, and provides an interesting and unique adventure for recreational divers.

A dive trail identifies eight shipwrecks around the island, each of which was associated with the important trading port of Port Victoria in the early 1900s. Of the eight wrecks, the Monarch, SS Australian, SS Investigator, MacIntyre and Moorara were small local schooners and coastal steamers used to carry wheat and other cargo to Port Victoria from outlying areas or from the jetty to the larger vessels at anchor. The Aagot, Notre' Dame, D”Arvor and Songvaar were larger international vessels that transported grain to Europe.

Divers are encouraged to photograph and explore the wreck sites while preserving their natural and cultural heritage value. To reduce anchor damage, mooring buoys have been installed at five of the wrecks, for boats to tie up to.

More information can be found at the Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources website. An information booklet and GPS coordinates are available from the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (+61 8 8124 4960).


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