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The Garden Island Ships' Graveyard, in the North Arm of the Port Adelaide River, offers paddlers a chance to experience part of South Australia's early maritime history.

The 26 wrecks at Garden Island are part of one of the world's largest and most diverse ships' graveyards. Boasting the remains of sailing ships, steamers, motor vessels, ferries, barges, dredgers and pontoons, the site provides a unique glimpse into our past.

The mudflats the wrecks lay on are bounded by mangroves one of the few remaining systems in metropolitan Adelaide. This eco-system provides a habitat for dolphins, other marine creatures and bird species, enhancing a recreational paddler's experience.

The trail is marked by three on-water signs near the main group of wrecks, as well as two on-land signs at the Garden Island boat ramp.

For more information visit the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources website or phone +61 8 8124 4960.

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