Deep Creek Cove Hike from Trig Picnic Area – Deep Creek Conservation Park

Fleurieu Peninsula
Start Point Trig Picnic Area, Deep Creek Conservation Park
End Point Deep Creek Cove, then return to Trig Picnic Area, Deep Creek Conservation Park
Distance 6.4km
Time 2.5 Hours – Walking

2.5 hrs, 6.4 km

On this popular trail you’ll have great views of the Southern Ocean as you wind your way down to the secluded cove where Deep Creek finishes its journey to the ocean. Be prepared to scramble over rocks to get down to the cove. The trail starts at the Trig Picnic Area. Follow Tent Rock Road past Trig Campground to the picnic area.

Deep Creek Conservation Park is the largest portion of remaining natural vegetation on the Fleurieu Peninsula and is home to an array of native wildlife such as western grey kangaroos, short beaked echidnas and 100 species of birds that can be heard and seen while walking in the park.

Deep Creek is the only national park within 100km of Adelaide that offers bush camping. Four campgrounds are accessible by 2WD and one is ‘hike-in’ only and situated on the Heysen trail, making it an ideal environment for a family adventure.

The 15 walking trails in the park provide spectacular scenery of Backstairs Passage, Kangaroo Island and the rugged Deep Creek Valley. The walks range from easy to very difficult so accommodating for all ages and abilities.  The walking trail network in Deep Creek Conservation Park includes sections of the famous Heysen Trail.

More information can be found on the National Parks South Australia Website.

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