Chowilla – Slaney Creek

Start PointBorder Cliff Customs House boat-ramp
End PointBorder Cliff Customs House boat-ramp
Distance14km return
Time6 Hours – Canoeing
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Slaney Creek is in the Chowilla anabranch system running between River Murray and Chowilla Creek. There are at least 3 major snags that must be negotiated in Slaney Creek.
One day round trip of approx 14 kms.

1. Commence at the Customs House boatramp and paddle downstream to the junction with Slaney Creek (approx 1.5 kms).. Portage around the wier using the landing on the eastern side. In the first km after the wier there are 3 major snags to be negotiated. Alternate route: Paddle upstream to the portage (399 river miles), portage into Hypurna Creek (approx 75m) then paddle downstream to Salt Creek (passing the fast flowing Chute on the way) LH into Salt Creek and paddle down to the junction with Slaney Ck (This route change adds approx 3.5 kms, however the portage is much shorter)

2. After the Salt Creek junction the creek becomes a broad slow flowing stream. Approx. 3.1 kms from Murray to Chowilla Creek junction.

3. Where Punkah Creek meets Slaney Ck is the start of Chowilla Creek. LH into Chowilla for approx 2 kms.

4. LH into Pipeclay Creek to the Murray at Isle of Man

5. LH into the Murray and return to the boatramp.

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