Butterfly Walk – Penambol Conservation Park

Limestone Coast
Start Point Butterfly Walk, Caroline SA 5291, Australia
End Point Butterfly Walk, Caroline SA 5291, Australia
Distance 1.0km return
Time 25 Minutes – Walking

This walk passes through stringybark and swamp gum woodlands, with each habitat marked by a numbered post.

Penambol Conservation Park conserves an important area of remnant vegetation and contains several interesting geological features, including the Caroline Sinkhole. Excavations in the sinkholes have revealed evidence of the original inhabitants, Boandik Peoples, who were likely to have used the area for shelter.

There are also several educational walking trails that provide an insight into the animals that live in the park. Follow the Wombat Walk which passes burrows that are home to the common wombat. The Butterfly Walk provides the opportunity to see and learn about some of the local butterflies such as the splendid ochre butterfly and orange species butterfly.

An evening walk offers the best chance of sighting wombats.

More information can be found on the Penambol Conservation Park website.

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