Chowilla – Salt and Hypurna Creek Loop

Start Point Border Cliff Customs House boat-ramp
End Point Border Cliff Customs House boat-ramp
Distance 33.5km return
Time 3 Days - Canoeing
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1. Start at Boarder Cliffs Customs House boat-ramp (Lat: 33974532 S, Long: 140.958220 E).

2. Paddle downstream to the “Shute” (approx. 150m) a fast-flowing, narrow creek (leaving the main river on the RH side) joining Murray River and Hyperna Creek. (If the “Shute” is considered hazardous for the skills of the group the alternative is to paddle upstream (approx. 1.5 kms) to portage point at 399 River miles portage into Hypurna Creek (approx. 75 m) and then paddle down to the junction of the “Shute” approx. total distance = 2.2 kms + 75m portage)

3. When reaching Hyperna Creek take LH until reaching the junction of Hyperna Creek and Salt Creek (approx. 200m). Remains of an old footbridge are near the junction.

4. Turn RH into Salt Creek for approx. 4 kms. At the junction with Punkah Creek (on the LH side) Keep right. After about 750m there may be another junction with Punkah Creek.

5. Keep to the RH and follow this for approx. 3.5kms where Salt Creek divides into 2 branches. You are on the border between SA and NSW. LH branch approx. 1.5kms may have some snags to negotiate through. RH branch approx. 3.5 kms travels along a shallower horseshoe lake which in low river flow years may be dry. (Large flocks

6. At the junction take RH branch. Salt Creek and continue for a further 7.5 kms.

7. At the Junction take the RH branch for approx. 3 kms to reach a branch of Hyperna Creek.

8. Take the RH branch for approx. 2 kms to junction. Take LH branch for approx. 3.5 kms to a junction.

9. Take the RH branch for approx. 500m to a junction with intersection of 4 waterways.

10. Take the second on the right to stay in Hyperna Creek and approx. 2 kms there will be a sharp U-bend to the right. Approx 150m to the portage point marked by a rusted tin marker nailed to the tree on the LH bank.

11. Portage approx. 75 m to the main river at 399 mile marker,

12. Paddle downstream approx. 1.5 kms to Border Cliffs boat-ramp.

Novice to Intermediate:, 2 – 3 days, Overnight lightweight camping required, Camping Permits available at SA Parks and Wildlife Service at

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