Chowilla – Pipeclay Creek

Start Point Border Cliff Customs House boat-ramp
End Point Border Cliff Customs House boat-ramp
Distance 7.5km return
Time 3 Hours - Canoeing
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Pipeclay Creek is a anabranch creek of the Murray River in the Chowilla Creek system.

1. Launch at Border Cliffs Customs House boatramp (or from the NPWSSA campsites just downstream from the boatramp) and paddle downstream for approx 3.5kms.

2. Find the entrance to the oxbow lake around the "Isle of Man" and follow that around to the where Pipeclay Creek commences.

3. 200m into the creek a concrete wier (with fish ladder) has been constructed where a portage is required. Portage to the east of the weir where there is sufficient space for a group.

4. Entry to the creek below the weir is steep and the water can be swift flowing with numerous snags, fallen trees and hazards in the creek for approx 500m. The creek opens out into a slow flowing broad backwater. Follow the creek for approx 3.7 kms to the junction with the Chowilla Creek.

The oxbow lake is a spectacular location and provides a haven for all types of water-birds. You may be fortunate to see large flocks of Black Swans or Australian Pelicans along with other large water-birds like pairs of White-faced Heron, Egrets, as well as Cormorants or the occasional Spoonbill or White-necked Heron. Spend a bit of time here and enjoy the serenity.
A 1-day round trip: Starting at Border Cliffs boatramp paddle upstream in Murray River to the portage point at 399 river miles. Portage (approx 75m into Hyperna Creek) Follow Hyperna Creek downstream to Salt Creek, Take a LH into Salt Creek and follow this to Slaney Creek. Take a RH and follow Slaney Creek to Chowilla Creek. Take a LH into Chowilla and paddle approx 2 km untill you reach Pipeclay Creek and paddle upstream to the weir. The last 500m could be challenging during periods of higher flow.

Always exercise caution around snags and strainers in the creek.

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