Bararranna Hike – Arkaroola

Flinders Ranges & Outback
Start Point Welcome Mine Trailhead - 10 km from Arkaroola along the Paralana Hot Springs road
End Point Welcome Mine Trailhead - 10 km from Arkaroola along the Paralana Hot Springs road
Distance 7.0km return
Time 3.5 Hours - Walking

The scenery is always changing along this winding route, as it crosses shaly hills and passes between the high walls of Arkaroola Creek. There is plenty to interest geologists. There are massive Merinjina Tillite deposits from the glaciation which started about 700 million years ago; there is the distinctive wedge shape of Bararranna Hill in quartzites, sandstones and siltstones of the Humanity Seat Formation, with great walls of ripple marked sandstone in the gorge.

The return track to Welcome Mine along Spotted Schist Pass follows the line of the great Paralana Fault for some of its length and to the west is the Woodnamoka Phyllite - the spotted schist after which the track is named. This grey rock contains white and red minerals derived from andalusite now degraded to reddish iron minerals and micas.

There are nine Geosites with snapshots of geological history.

Because there are a number of waterholes in Arkaroola Creek which fill after rain, you should check access at Arkaroola Village. In dry seasons however, waterholes may be empty.

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